The first step to producing a world class spirit is to plant, nurture then harvest the finest Cornish King Edward potatoes. It is interesting to point out that many spirit producers buy in their base spirit, whereas we prefer to make our own.

At Colwith Farm we grow a variety of main crop potatoes but only the King Edward is used in Aval Dor Vodka & Stafford's Gin. This particular variety is extremely high in starch and with its floury complexion it is perfect for the transformation into a premium spirit.

Once the potatoes are harvested they go into the distillery where they are scrubbed then diced to produce a potato mash. A special yeast is added to help with the fermentation process and after a few weeks we have a low wine.

Things get interesting when the distillation process begins. The low wine is put into a tiny copper, pot batch still which works in conjunction with a proprietary rectification column. During this stage the low wine is transformed into 96% ABV ethanol in a single distilling run. This is truly unique and ensures our spirits have a very complex yet rounded nose & palette.

After distillation, our ethanol is blended with our very own mineral water lifted from an aquifer deep beneath the farm. At this point we have a delightfully clean & pure vodka spirit - Aval Dor.

Our gin requires a second pass through the pot still in order to infuse a carefully selected blend of botanicals. We forage our hedgerows for what's in season so expect to find delicate notes of Cornish lemon balm, rosemary, bay & elderflower complimented with juniper, coriander, lime, macadamia & almond. All these botanicals work in perfect harmony with our potato based spirit to produce the sweet & citrusy Stafford's Gin.